Some Especially Incredible Projects:

To all of you who visit my site, and especially to those of you who aspire to do better work, have a look at these projects, which I consider to be true works of art. These are the guys who keep me inspired, and are great examples of how to do practically everything the right way. This shouldn't be considered a complete list, by any means, but are some of my favorites.

Dave Platt, "Mr. Scale"

A true legend in the modeling world, certainly worthy of every compliment you could give to any craftsman. Dave is a great modeler, with plenty of great projects and experience under his belt, and is made greater, in my opinion, by his willingness to share information with others. Check out his "Black Art" video series for detailed information on how to accomplish almost everything required for a winning scale model.

One of my favorite Dave Platt quotes, relating to using shortcuts to accomplish certain things with graphics on a model is, "You may as well just start in and DO the job."

Visit Dave's site here.

Bob Violett Models

Another legend in this hobby, who first proved that ducted fan models could be practical in competition, then went on to form the most successful model jet company on the planet. His contributions to the hobby are vast, and much of what other manufacturers do is based on techniques that Bob Violett has developed.

His models are pure excellence.

Visit his site here.

Paul Reese

The F-18 landing gear in this photo is a Paul's work on a model, folks! Paul will be doing the scale detailing on the King Air B200 plugs, just prior to mold making, so you have an idea what that one will be like in scale competition. Paul is involved in all kinds of scale detailing projects, including modifying kits, such as his Top Flite Cessna 182 and Great Planes Lancair, and does custom cockpit and landing gear work for many of the top jet competitors. He is a great craftsman.

Visit his site, here.

Harald Huf

Harald has posted a complete photo journal on this huge, precision scale SU-27, from drawings, through plug and mold making, and test flights of the plane. Unbelievable metal work on the plugs, panel by panel, and very nice precision composite work, too. Check it out!

Visit his site, here.

Ted Goodwin

Follow this spectacular project from beginning to end, on the two extensive and detailed threads at RC Groups, by clicking here. (or click the image)

Ted did a great job on all aspects of this project, from research, to plug making, mold making, test flights, modifications, etc., and has produced a great-flying all-composite EDF F-16.

Dave Matthews

Dave's spectacular C-17 is a must-see project. He's documented the entire process, from the original CAD design, through construction, testing, and flying. (on 4 turbines!) This project is an inspiration to us all.

Visit Dave's site here.

Young C. Park

Mr. Park has, among other things, created an immaculate, precision miniature version of the WW II Corsair, almost entirely in metal. Even the control linkages work! Although not an RC project, it is certainly an example of great craftsmanship, and worthy of checking out.

View the article here.

ZN Line Models

ZN Line is arguably the premier manufacturer of F3A models in the world, and their work is more testimony to precision and detail. If you want to build composite planes, ZN Line is a great example of how to do them right. (and light!)

Visit their site here.

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