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My experience in using 3D as a design tool for RC models and UAVs was quite interesting, and ultimately led to me getting out of fabrication altogether. The latest content on this site is archived from around 2007. I'll leave the projects below posted for your reference. (The original design projects ended before manufacturing could begin, due to the labor costs.)

Today, I only do the 3D design work. Some of this work involves making custom 3D models for RC modelers and UAV manufacturers, and in addition to 3D training, I offer several tutorials for 3D modelers, available for direct download, which you'll find on my new site, at http://www.mikejamesmedia.com.

I have no kits, plans, or parts of any kind for sale... only 3D models and tutorial downloads. Click any image below for the archived article.

j47 preview

b200 preview

p180 preview

j46 preview

j48 preview

berkut preview

preview of my first sport jet, the eliminator

top flite cessna 182 preview

great planes venus 40 preview

rc plane power extase preview

experimental flying wing preview

super miss electric preview

preview image of kit bashing the great planes ultra sport 40

Fair warning about the images on this site:

I enjoy sharing information with other modelers, and that's why this site exists. But... I don't publish accurate isometric images here. Be aware that if you copy something from this site, it will be inaccurate. This "skewing" of certain images is necessary to protect my designs. None of these inaccuracies will prevent you from understanding any of the articles, so have fun!

Naturally, most designers would like to see their designs kitted. If you're a kit designer, here's what NOT to do.

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