J-48 2 Meter F3A Design

My 3D model of this design is available on www.mikejamesmedia.com

Design Overview

I haven't done what you could call "market research", in the pure sense, but after numerous design changes and postings on public forums, it's become obvious to me that if I'm going to design a pattern plane, it may as well be a pure competition model, suitable for modern F3A schedules. That being the case, I've abandoned the previous J-42 (.40 size) and J-45 (.91 size) designs, and have settled on this highly refined design, dubbed the J-48.

The design is suitable for typical F3A engines, such as the YS 1.20, YS 1.40, and equivalents. It's fuselage has been redesigned for better knife-edge performance, the wing's aspect ratio is slightly lower, and all the control surfaces are large, to allow for use in "Artistic Aerobatics". The internal layout is similar in many respects to ZN-Line type ships, including the optional use of a muffled pipe, enclosed in a separate pipe tunnel below the fuselage floor. I won't be going any further with this design, but it gives an idea of what's required for F3A competition.

View a "fly-thru" animation of this design by clicking here.

A standard internal layout is shown, and can be easily modified to individual tastes.

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