Beechcraft Super King Air B200 Project

Building the Plugs - Part 3

Closing in on the fuselage plug finish...

The nacelle front section (above) is the closest one to being ready for Paul Reese's detail work.

The fuselage plugs got their first coat of primer today...

Still a way to go yet to get the finish ready, but we're getting closer all the time.

All cores (which will become plugs later) are now glassed, and getting detail work.

The nacelles are getting close, (polyurethane foam) and almost ready for glassing.

Detail work starting on the wings, beginning with aileron and flap cutouts.

The top portion of the nacelle shapes are sanded to slightly lower than it's ultimate shape,
allowing for sealing, glassing, and Paul Reese's skin treatment, prior to mold making.

Next, I sealed the foam with a mixture of epoxy and microballoons.
First step was applied with a gloved hand, to work it into all the voids in the foam.

A few minutes with a (playing card) squeege gets the nacelles to this point.

When the epoxy has achieved a mid-cure rubbery state, the masking tape at the edges is removed.

Next, the bottom of the nacelles gets the same treatment.

Nacelles after a little sanding...

Fuselage plug is close geometrically. Just needs cosmetic cleanup, seam refinement, etc..

Stab plugs are being glassed. (Control surfaces will be cut out after the plug is stabilized.)

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