Beechcraft Super King Air B200 Project

Building the Plugs - Part 4

Partially assembled, and getting another filling/sanding treatment

The ailerons and flaps have been cut from the wing plugs, and the inboard flaps include the portion of the Raisbeck nacelle locker which remains attached to the flap... It is a "Fowler wing locker". The elevators have been cut from the horizontal stabilizer plug, too.


The engine nacelles/lockers have been shaped enough now with epoxy and microballoons that I've decided to glass them. From now on, I'll have a hard surface (slightly undersize, now) to work on.

Lots of priming, sanding, priming, sanding, etc...

Working on the Raisbeck "Fowler wing lockers"...

Another priming session...

After mapping out the positions for the lighting wires, servo wires, wing tube, and alignment pins, I created some connections.

Here the plugs are roughly assembled, to show you the King Air shape.
Both nacelle fronts (cowlings) will be molded from the same plug, so I only have the one cowling to show here.

The distinctive King Air shape is really beautiful, and should make a great flying machine.

You can see that each step, we're refining the shapes.

A great deal of the primer has been sanded off, showing the last few low spots to fill.

All the colors make the plugs look bad, but the actual surface is very close to being finalized.

For the builder's benefit, all hatch flanges are aligned to the zero degree reference in the fuselage.
So, when attaching wings and tail, there's always a zero reference, built right into the model.

The hatch flange reference is zero degrees in both directions.

This project, like all others on this site, will go no further, due to the costs of manufacturing.

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